Speak Your Piece

A Podcast About Utah's History

Season 2 | Hosted by Brad Westwood | Senior Public Historian | Utah Dept. of Heritage & Arts

The past is never truly “in the past.” It’s all around us, it informs us. It speaks to both our shared and to our separate identities. “Speak Your Piece” is a podcast where contributors share their insights and discoveries about Utah’s history. When a community looks forward, we recommend it also examines and sorts out its past first. This is what this podcast strives to do for Utah, for all of its regions and for all of its diverse peoples.

Hosted by Brad Westwood, Senior Public Historian from the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts, "Speak Your Piece" is published every other week, sometimes more sometimes less. Each podcast is sixty minutes long (however seasons 1 and 2 were produced in two thirty minute segnments). "Speak Your Piece" sorts out an author's key arguments, the same for exhibit, database, podcast or blog, all in a lively discussion with the historian, curator, archaeologist, or archivist who produced the work.

The podcast is recorded and engineered at the Studio Underground at Stokes & Associates in Salt Lake City. Conner Sorenson is the sound and post-production engineer.

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